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Raids find hundreds of counterfeit FAG rolling bearings being made in India

Genuine FAG bearings are shown. Photo courtesy Shaeffler.

Genuine FAG bearings are shown. Photo courtesy Shaeffler.

Herzogenaurach, Germany – Schaeffler AG reports that successful raids are an important step in its fight against product piracy and for the protection of its customers. In recent raids, four companies in Mumbai, India, have been proved to be dealing in counterfeit FAG rolling bearings.

According to Shaeffler, police have confiscated tens of thousands of counterfeit FAG packaging units, more than 500 counterfeit FAG rolling bearings, as well as various machines at these four production, packaging and trading firms. The proprietors have been arrested, and criminal proceedings have been instituted. The arrests also serve as a means of deterrence in counterfeiting circles, the company believes.

Products of the brand FAG, a leading rolling bearing brand, are highly popular with counterfeiters. The team of investigators from the agency TACT India, which safeguards Shaeffler’s interests in India, identified Mumbai as a central market for these counterfeit products and identified the main protagonists. Their investigations yielded sufficient information to result in the raids. However, the firms involved had already learned in advance of this operation and had closed their shops or moved to new storerooms before the investigators arrived.

After five days of waiting and some more observation, the investigators were able to raid four firms. In a joint operation with the local policy authorities, TACT India has impounded more than 37,000 counterfeit FAG packaging units and labels, 530 counterfeit FAG rolling bearings and 250 FAG master copies, as well as various grinding machines and packaging machines. Moreover, two of the proprietors and an employee were arrested and remanded in custody.


In 2004, Schaeffler set up a central department for fighting product and brand piracy. A lot has happened since then, the company notes. Its Brand Protection Team has handled several thousand cases. And these cases are by no means restricted to Asia as in this example. There were also a large number of major counterfeiting offences in Europe and the US.

This global experience forms the basis for the constant improvement and refinement of the company’s procedure for prosecuting violations of its brand rights. Generally, the Schaeffler Group employs a zero-tolerance policy towards all cases of product and brand piracy. Its primary aim in this is to protect its customers’ interests.

To protect buyers and end-clients procuring INA and FAG products from distributors, Schaeffler has assessed and certified sales partners worldwide. All authorized distributors are listed on the Schaeffler website and can be checked by entering the certificate number of the product. The company advises that if there is the slightest doubt as to whether a bearing is original, a local Schaeffler sales team or the Brand Protection Team can be contacted anytime by e-mail at

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  1. I see many articles of raids but never hear of the consequences for the actions of these counterfeiters. It would be good to publish court cases and fines being levied and what cooperation the governments of China and India are providing. As a traveler to China, I have been offered Rolex counterfeit watches there for 30 years and they are more abundant now that at any other time, so please forgive my disbelief that anybody is paying a price for doing these illegal activities. I receive offers everyday from China bootleggers and counterfeiters. It makes you wonder how much business they do in North America. Nuff Said

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