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Infrared imaging research partnership award

May 25, 2015 - The Infrared Imaging (IR) project, born from the partnership between Teledyne DALSA Semiconductors Inc., the Université de Sherbrooke, École Polytechnique de Montreal and C2MI was honoured at the 2015 Edition of the "Célébrons le Partenariat" event, presented by ADRIQ in association with the NSERC which took place on May 14 in Quebec City, with more than 300 guests.


May 25, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Besides benefiting from the strong synergy combined from the academic expertise and those of the industrial partners, this partnership also benefits the world class infrastructure of C2MI for the sensors development and allows the implementation of a wide range of new processes and know-how, in 3D integration and semiconductors advanced packaging domains with increasing demands.

The IR project advances the production of a new product line of infrared imaging sensors intended for commercial markets including all the added value chain of: detectors on silicon wafers, packaged detectors in integrated cases, up to the ultra-compact complete intelligent cameras, to resolution levels adapted for large market application, as well as for the specialized «top of the range» applications.

The collaborative project requires the collaboration of 45 researchers and more than 15 graduate students who will target a wide range of new segments. Although the project pursues its development, it has to date hired eight highly qualified scientists.

The equipment manufacturer contribution to the project allows them to anticipate and to develop the new applications that will ensure the technical capabilities meet constantly changing and evolving needs.          


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