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Demand for safety practitioner hiring guide

Because of increased demand for safety practitioners, a free guide to help employers has been released by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.


May 25, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Hiring a Health and Safety Practitioner is designed to help employers hire, develop and better use Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Practitioners.

Compared to traditional professions, Occupational Health and Safety is relatively new and rapidly evolving. Responsibilities of practitioners range from construction site safety and workplace harassment to office ergonomics and corporate social responsibility.

The profession has grown to approximately 234,000 practitioners in Canada. “These professionals ensure that employees return from work safe everyday,” states Jim Hopkins, president, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. “Their job is in everybody’s best interest.” A recent Ipsos Reid study indicates that six out-of-seven OH&S professionals in large companies are considered necessary, helping companies save time and money.

Nearly two-thirds of safety practitioners have some of the industry’s 27 types of designations, accreditation, and certification. “The Guide’s clear, simple format puts an end to ‘designation confusion'” adds Hopkins.


The booklet is also a tool for practitioners. Its contents can assist in planning the professional development required to reach career goals.

Hiring a Health and Safety Practitioner can be downloaded at

SOURCE: Canadian Society of Safety Engineering