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Training program based on Canadian standards for safe electrical work

Every year, electrical workers are seriously injured or killed by contacting energized parts or being subjected to an electrical arc flash. To prevent these types of incidents, these workers and the organizations for which they work must understand and follow up-to-date safety-related work practices, maintenance requirements and administrative controls.


May 22, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Safe Electrical Work Practices Canadian Standards 2015

This program provides an overview of the Canadian standards released in 2015 and shows how following its guidelines helps keep electrical workers safe. The changes from the 2012 edition are also explained. Topics include approach boundaries, skills required of qualified electrical workers, selecting arc-rated clothing and protective equipment, arc flash PPE categories, creating an electrically safe working condition, when energized work is permitted and energized electrical work permits. A French version of this program is also available.

This program from ERI Safety Videos is available in DVD and streaming media formats. For more information, visit