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Firm achieves new milestone with its 20,000th repaired wind turbine part

Livonia, MI – PSI Repair Services Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries and an independent service provider (ISP) to the wind energy industry, recently shipped its 20,000th repaired wind turbine part to a prominent wind energy company. Since 2009, PSI has provided economical repairs, as well as engineering services that include product upgrades, for the largest wind farms in the United States.

“PSI is very proud to be a trusted resource to the largest wind farms in the US,” said Mike Fitzpatrick, general manager of PSI Repair Services. “We are constantly adding new services and capabilities to meet the strong, ongoing demand from our wind energy customers.” The Michigan-based firm also operates a facility in Windsor, ON.

PSI Repair Services offers component repair and engineering services for GE, Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, RePower, and Clipper wind turbines. PSI covers the critical electronic, hydraulic and precision mechanical components that drive the turbines’ pitch and yaw systems and down-tower electronics.

Commonly repaired components include printed circuit boards, pitch drive systems, inverters, IGBTs, PLCs, VRCC units, AEBIs, proportional valves, hydraulic pumps, pitch and yaw motors, encoders, slip rings, transducers, yaw modules, three-phase bridge rectifiers, blade bearing automatic grease dispensers, active crowbars, line reactors, oil level sensors, battery chargers, cold climate converters, and more. PSI uses the latest diagnostic tools to detect failures down to the microchip level.

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