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Allegro wall cases and storage cabinets

May 9, 2015 - Allegro Industries manufactures a comprehensive line of storage units, including cabinets and wall cases for respirator or general storage.


May 9, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The Hi-Viz Heavy Duty SCBA Wall Cases provide protection from dust, moisture and damaging plant environments.  Offered in a Single Unit or Dual Unit model, these cases are rugged yet lightweight for simple, fast installation.

The Hi-Viz Heavy Duty Emergency Respirator Wall Case is designed to hold up to two 5 or 10 min EBA’s. The hi-viz yellow or green color makes these units visible for emergency use and are recyclable.

The Deluxe and Standard Wall Case are made from corrosion-resistant ABS with ultraviolet inhibitors. The non-metallic hinges and latches prevent rust, while a rubber door seal protects equipment from dust and moisture.

The Deluxe Case comes with a shelf and single SCBA cylinder bracket. The Standard Wall Case offers the same large capacity, without the shelf or bracket.


Store APRs, cartridges, and other respirator accessories in the Respirator Storage Wall Case, and use the Emergency Respirator Wall Case to house up to two 5- to 10-minute EBSs.

For convenience and flexibility, Allegro offers Generic Wall Cases, which come in four colours: white, green, yellow and red. Cases are available in two sizes and are constructed from corrosion-resistant ABS plastic. The labelling kit includes labels, which allow you to customize your storage units.

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