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Linear drive pitch is manually adjustable over wide range

April 14, 2015 – Changing linear pitch on Uhing rolling ring linear drives is now fast and easy using a lever control option on the drive unit. The pitch control lever permits manually setting and changing linear pitch independently of the drive motor speed or other controls. This means that motors and devices in a machine may continue operating at production speed without interruption while the drive unit's linear pitch is changed or adjusted to better meet application requirements.


April 13, 2015
By PEM Magazine

Each of 17 models of Uhing rolling ring drives has a different maximum linear pitch. The smallest drive has a maximum linear pitch of 6.2 mm (0.24 in.) and the largest drive has a pitch of 76 mm (3.0 in.). Gearing the drive shaft to the drive motor enables operators to shift the maximum pitch for a specific drive unit up or down based on application needs. For example, the model RG3-15 drive unit has a maximum linear pitch of 11.4 mm (0.45 in.) at a 1:1 gear ratio. Gearing of 2:1 makes the maximum pitch 22.8 mm (0.90 in.).

There are 100 notched settings on the pitch control scale. Moving the pitch control lever one notch up or down increases or decreases the linear pitch by a value of 0.01. Thus, a Uhing rolling ring drive has a linear pitch adjustability range of 10:1. Using the RG3-15 drive unit as an example, if the drive is geared for a maximum linear pitch of 22.8 mm (0.90 in.), an operator can turn the pitch down to 2.28 mm (0.09 in.) just by moving the pitch control lever — without adjusting any other controls.
In addition to the 10:1 adjustable pitch range, Uhing linear drives offer axial thrust from 30 Newtons (7 lbs.) to 3600 Newtons (800 lbs.). Pitch, thrust and travel direction are all controlled mechanically – without clutches, cams or gears. Machine designers working with linear motion devices will find Uhing rolling ring drives provide versatile, backlash-free reciprocating motion that doesn’t complicate machine design, set up or operation.

Rolling ring linear drives are used in manufacturing and production machinery requiring a component for smooth, backlash-free linear motion. Example applications include packaging/converting operations such as slitting and sealing, level winding, moving measuring probes and spraying. A Uhing linear drive operates on a smooth shaft. Debris cannot get trapped in threads which then might cause clogging and jamming.

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