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Dilip Chhaniyara fined $10,000 by Ontario Court for illegal use of professional engineer’s seal, risk to public cited


April 13, 2015
By Bill Roebuck
Bill Roebuck

Toronto – The Ontario Court of Justice fined Dilip Chhaniyara of Brampton, ON, $10,000 on April 7, 2015, for copying a professional engineer’s seal. In assessing the fine, His Worship R.J. Cotter considered the need to deter other unlicensed people from this action because of the risk of harm to the public.

Chhaniyara was convicted of breaching the Professional Engineers Act for copying the seal of a professional engineer onto seven different drawings for two building projects in 2013. He has never been licensed as an engineer by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

The matter came to PEO’s attention after a professional engineer became aware of drawings that carried the engineer’s seal that had been filed with two building departments, but that the engineer had not created or sealed. The drawings were part of building permit applications for a restaurant fit out in Brampton and a catering business fit out in Mississauga. The drawings included proposed sprinkler head locations and a proposed drainage layout. An investigation by PEO found the seals on the drawings to be fake. Nick Hambleton, student-at-law, represented PEO in this matter.

PEO says it is thankful to members of the public, engineers and the building departments in Mississauga and Brampton for their cooperation in its investigation.


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