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Skyjack celebrates 30th anniversary with new website in six languages


March 30, 2015
By Bill Roebuck


Guelph, ON – It’s a new year and a new look for Linamar Corporation’s Skyjack division. The aerial lift manufacturer, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, kicked off 2015 with a major website upgrade. The site has many new features, including updated product information, multilingual options, faster loading times and mobile capabilities, in addition to interactive features such as the Skyjack App, images and videos.

“Skyjack machines are known for being simple and reliable; we wanted to bring things full circle with our website,” said Christina Evans, multimedia coordinator at Skyjack. “The 30th anniversary has brought a lot of new changes to the company and we wanted the website to reflect them in a simple, organized way.”

Beyond the simplified product descriptions, the website also has an updated media library with a focus on 30th anniversary special events and community projects. The changes make it much easier for users to find news stories and company updates. The upgraded technology also includes better quality videos and images, allowing for more interaction with the website.

Skyjack president Brad Boehler will also be sharing his insights on the aerial work platform industry in his new blog, Simply Said, which was unveiled in February at The Rental Show 2015.


“I’d like Simply Said to be a space where I could have conversations with people from around the world,” Boehler said. “Skyjack has a tradition of listening to customer needs and now we are taking it a step further by creating a space where customers can share their ideas, thoughts and recommendations directly with me.”

After 30 years in business, Skyjack has trademarked many of its well-known features and is now debuting them. With a cleaner and better organized website, the product information is much easier to locate and read. Through easy-to-understand icons, users will clearly be able to find the trademarked features highlighted on every product. Examples include:

> Skycoded – A simplistic, colour-coded control system that makes Skyjack machines easy to troubleshoot and repair.

> Skyriser – Common to Skyjack’s articulating booms, the boom arm moves in a true vertical manner without drifting forward or back and reduces the amount of machine repositioning.

> Axldrive – Found only on Skyjack booms, the industry’s only mechanical axle-based drive system provides unmatched traction, terrain-ability and up to 50% gradeability.

> Speedyreach – Allows the operator to position the platform at full height and then bring the platform to the ground by only using the boom lower function. Time spent restocking material or supplies is greatly reduced.

> Easydrive – Unique to Skyjack booms, drive controls always operate in the orientation of the operator regardless of turret position, reducing possible operator confusion.

> Accessoryzers – Specialized accessory products for Skyjack aerial work platforms.

Telegram is another new feature on the new website. Telegram is an e-mail communication platform that Skyjack uses to communicate with customers on a monthly basis. It allows customers to take advantage of Skyjack’s current parts and Accessoryzers promotions, as well as catch up on stories and events happening at Skyjack. Archived editions of Telegram are located at, which is also where users can subscribe to the newsletter.

Users are now able to access the site at The full website, including tech-tips and new features, is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Chinese.