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Four major donations made to SAIT Polytechnic


March 30, 2015
By Bill Roebuck

Calgary, AB – Students at SAIT Polytechnic have some new high-tech tools to help them achieve success in their education. The post-secondary institution has received four major gifts totalling more than $5 million.

The donations include an executive jet aircraft, a digital printing press, a simulator for petroleum engineering technology, and funds to support counselling and academic assistance.

“These gifts ensure SAIT students have cutting-edge technology and resources at their fingertips for the highest-quality training,” said Dr. David Ross, president and CEO of SAIT Polytechnic. “Thanks to our supporters, we continue to set our students up for successful careers in industry.”

The donations cover a wide scope of industries, supporting students in four different schools/departments, including the MacPhail School of Energy, School of Transportation, School of Information & Communications Technologies and the Centre for Academic Learner Services.


The $2.5 million donation of a twin-engine corporate jet is the largest of the four donations, from Wayne Henuset, owner of Willow Park Wines and Spirits, and his business partner, Richard Stewart, founder and CEO of Visions Electronics.

“This is a way to give back to SAIT and the community, says Henuset. “There are many planes like this one in use and it will become a practical tool that will help students when they go out and work in industry.”

Support from industry continues to go beyond donations. More than 65 industry advisory panels help to guide SAIT and ensure graduates are career ready.

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1 Comment » for Four major donations made to SAIT Polytechnic
  1. Barney says:

    I just noted that Amazon is field testing the use of drones here in BC for the delivery of parcels.

    I would hope that SAIT and other schools are involved in researching drones, which are the future of intercity delivery systems [for companies] like e-Bay, etc.

    I would also like to see SAIT and others involved in 3D printing research as the new high-speed printers are [increasing] in use and again are cutting edge technology.

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