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Fin removal tool – new feed assures fast operation

March 26, 2015 - A patented portable tube fin removal tool that features a new aggressive rack-and-pinion feed mechanism and side ratchet to rapidly peel back HRSG tubes has been introduced by ESCO Tool.


March 26, 2015
By PEM Magazine

The Fin Millhog Tube fin Removal Tool is an I.D. clamping, self-centring pneumatic tool featuring a proprietary blade that cleanly separates the fin from the tube.  Upgraded with a new robust rack and pinion feed with easy to operate side ratcheting, this tool is capable of peeling back a 4” (101mm) fin from a tube O.D. in less than two minutes.

Available for left- or right-hand spirally wound fins, the Fin Millhog Tube fin Removal Tool mounts rigidly and has no torque reaction to the operator. Equipped with a 1.25HP pneumatic motor, the range of the tool is 1.25” I.D. to 3.0” O.D. and it can be used in any orientation to permit rapid inspection and X-ray of the weld and eliminate the need for chippers or grinders.

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