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Industrial supplier marks 60th anniversary


February 22, 2015
By Bill Roebuck
Bill Roebuck

Cranbury, NJ – CRP Industries Inc. has marked its 60th anniversary as a company. CRP supplies the automotive parts and industrial products sectors, and has a storied history.

CRP was founded in 1954 as Conti Rubber Products, and was, in essence, Continental Tire’s initial outpost in the US. In 1977, CRP became the NAFTA market general agent for Continental AG’s ContiTech division, and as it broadened its supplier base, the company changed its name to CRP Industries Inc.

Today, CRP Industries has two divisions, CRP Automotive and CRP Industrial, and provides products from some of the most recognized brand names in the NAFTA market. CRP Automotive features ContiTech Automotive Belts, Rein Automotive Parts, Pentosin Technical Fluids, AJUSA Gaskets and Head Bolts. CRP Industrial provides Reinflex High-Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses, Tudertechnica Rigid Mandrel Hoses and Perske High-Speed Motors.

Since its inception, CRP has demonstrated steady growth, expanding its operations from a small organization carrying about 200 products to a sophisticated and multi-faceted supplier handling well over 14,000 parts and systematically distributing them from four strategic locations in the NAFTA region.


CRP now employs over 120 people and operates facilities in New Jersey, California, Canada and Mexico.

Daniel Schildge, president of CRP, noted, “We have been very fortunate to have great customers, supplier partners, and employees over the years. We have shown a supporting vision that could evolve over time and a commitment to our core values of quality, service, and trust. It is these ideals and partnership opportunities that have allowed CRP to thrive for this long.”

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