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KBM Series Frameless Servo Motors

February 17, 2015 - Introducing a new family of motors from Kollmorgen - the KBM Series Frameless Brushless Motors. Its inherent features and resulting performance attributes make the KBM a perfect fit for applications that demand a flexible, highly optimized motion solution.

Available in 14 sizes for low or high voltage operation, KBM motors offer a wide range of torque, power and speed within a cost-effective package and compact footprint. This gives system designers serious flexibility in specifying a motor that fits the specific performance and dimensional requirements of the application, without incurring expensive engineering or other capital fees.
OEMs tasked with designing a highly optimized and tightly integrated machine or device will find KBM motors to be an excellent choice due to their unique design that inherently improves mechanical compliance, reduces parts count, and improves performance through the use of powerful direct-coupled electro-magnetics with a light weight and compact form factor.
KBM motors can be combined with Kollmorgen’s AKD Servo Drives for a complete, fully optimized motion solution.

KBM motors are an attractive option in any number of metal processing and cutting, aerospace and defense, and oil and gas equipment applications that demand a highly optimized and tightly integrated motion solution. They are also well suited for use in semiconductor and electronic assembly, renewable energy and vehicle electrification applications.

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View a 4minute video on how to install a KBM Frameless motor.

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