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Dust collection cyclones for small spaces

February 12, 2015 – Many industrial applications for dust collection require equipment able to fit in tight, compact areas, a challenge for many traditional dust collection cyclones. Aerodyne, the industry's leader in industrial dust collection and material handling valves, has developed a series of compact high-efficiency solutions to industries with demanding dust collection applications, and it has developed an infographic to highlight the space-saving capabilities of its cyclone dust collection solutions. The Aerodyne GPC dust collector is one of the most space-saving products that Aerodyne provides to companies in the pharmaceutical, mining, food processing, and numerous other industries.

The Aerodyne infographic demonstrates how the GPC stacks up to standard cyclones. It shows a standard cyclone designed for 10,500 ACFM that stands around 20′ tall and the equivalent vertical GPC will only stand 10′ tall. A horizontal GPC will stand just 7′ tall.

The smaller size of the GPC also makes it an ideal solution to baghouses or cartridge collectors. It can fit into tighter areas standard cyclones can’t and help remove some of the work load from the bags and filters, promoting extended bag and filter life.

The GPC can handle up to 2300 ACFM at 7” W.C. (water column) and is available in six (6) sizes under 8ft3. Due to the compact size, the GPC can be installed indoors and still comply with NFPF-654. It can be fabricated out of carbon steel, AR steel, stainless steel, or specialty alloys depending on your application.

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