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Is your toolbox is bigger than theirs? Prove it and win

Mississauga, ON – Every person has a source of personal pride. For some it’s the shine of their new car. For others, it’s the extent of their ultra-hip wardrobe. But for the metalworking professional, it’s obvious what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. It all comes down to the size of the only thing that truly matters. The thing that gives life to their passion, and physical form to their hard efforts. It’s the toolbox.

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, KBC Tools and Machinery has been helping North American metalworkers expand the size of their tool collections since 1965. But they say their toolbox is still bigger than yours, and are offering a way to change that.

KBC’s ‘My Toolbox is Bigger Than Yours’ contest runs to April 30, 2015. To enter, send in a photo of your tool collection and the company will put you in the running to win a KBC Kash prize in one of three catetories:

– First Prize: Biggest Toolbox – $1,000 KBC Kash


– Second Prize: Best Organized/Neatest Toolbox – $500 KBC Kash

– Third Prize: Most Unique and/or Creative Toolbox – $250 KBC Kash.

The prizes can be used for items in KBC’s Master Catalogue of over 100,000 items. Need a new tool cabinet, a drill press or more? Snap a photo and send it to the president, Paula Bass at (Mention you read about it online at MRO Magazine.)

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