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BC city replacing ageing flood control pumps


February 2, 2015
By Bill Roebuck
Bill Roebuck
Richmond, BC, is replacing older flood control pumps with new KSB models.

Richmond, BC, is replacing older flood control pumps with new KSB models.

Richmond, BC – Richmond, BC, a dynamic and rapidly growing municipality near Vancouver, faces serious challenges from flooding. Built on several low-lying islands in the Fraser Delta, the city has an average elevation of just one metre above sea-level.

In order to keep Lulu Island, the main population centre, from being inundated by high levels of ocean and river water, the city has constructed a system of dikes and pumping stations. This system is being extended through a combination of dike extensions and pump upgrades that feature KSB Amacan P axial-flow submersible motor pumps.

“When a station is upgraded, our preference is to retrofit with two or four KSB Amacan pumps, which are replacing ageing long-shaft pumps,” reports Derek Hunter, foreman, Pump Stations. “Usually we try to change out the ageing long-shaft pumps first because of problems associated with parts and efficiencies,” adds Hunter.

“We have not had any significant problems with the KSB pumps over the years. We pull them out of service once a year for inspection, and quite frankly, they are bullet-proof.” Thirty-one KSB pumps have already been delivered, with six new units ordered in December 2014.


The city has found that by standardizing on a single type of submersible pump, it can save on training and maintenance costs, while reducing the variety of spare parts it needs to keep on hand.

Located at strategic intervals around the island, the pumping stations are called into service as and when required. To take into account the possibility of power outages, the city plans to have all the stations equipped with stand-alone generators.