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Trends in Canada’s natural resources examined


December 24, 2014
By Bill Roebuck


Ottawa – The December edition of Canadian Megatrends, published by Statistics Canada, examines the role the country’s natural resources assets have played in the growth and development of the country.

The start of the Canadian journey began in the East, in the seas off the Atlantic provinces, and then moved to the boreal forests and fields of Quebec and Ontario and onto the rich soils of the Prairies, which helped feed the world. At the same time, the fishing, forestry and mineral resources of British Columbia were being developed.

The focus subsequently moved to the riches that lie beneath the soil in the Canadian bedrock. An abundance of wealth has been generated from coal and gold to uranium and potash. More recently, oil and natural gas extracted from the land and at sea have influenced the nation’s economy.

The one constant has been the important role that Canada’s natural resources overall have played over time.


The article ‘Resources: Long-term shifts in commodities’, part of Canadian Megatrends (Catalogue number11-630-X), can be found at