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Schneider Electric introduces updates to portfolio of building analytics services

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today announced new features for its Building Analytics services portfolio, which includes the addition of a scaled-back version, Building Analytics Lite. Both offers assist building owners and facility managers in optimizing operations by making fact-based improvements that are proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life, improve occupant comfort and make a positive impact on the bottom line. Building Analytics and Building Analytics Lite are part of Schneider Electric’s suite of advanced life cycle services that combine expert guidance and services with advanced data analytics and cloud-based storage.


December 10, 2014
By PEM Magazine

Building Analytics
As organizations continue to implement and invest in systems that assist in achieving more efficient building operations, the big data generated can be difficult to transform into meaningful information. Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics solves this challenge by providing users with real-time performance monitoring that captures data from building systems and utilizes advanced analytics and cloud-based capabilities to continuously review facility performance. From this information, Building Analytics identifies equipment and system faults, system trends and energy use, diagnoses facility performance issues and suggests a sequence of operational improvements. Building Analytics also provides specific cost and energy saving opportunities that are prioritized by impact on energy use, cost savings and tenant comfort. In addition, diagnostics can document performance measurement and verification for various programs, such as LEED and utility incentives.
New features to Schneider Electric’s Building Analytics offer include an alarm module, which enables building engineers to analyze the repetition and duration of alarms to look for persistent issues and proactively identify potential failures. The tool also provides insight into the top ten most frequent alarms, the top ten longest standing alarms, trends in alarm triggering rates and statistics on each alarm. In addition, Building Analytics is now equipped with a new projects module, which creates projects based on diagnostic findings. The module can track estimated costs, payback, forecasted annual savings for return on investment verification, as well as other details of a project, such as the start and end dates.
Building Analytics Lite
Building Analytics Lite is a scaled back version of the Building Analytics offer, and is designed for applications where it may be difficult to collect the mechanical and sequence data from building systems or where the Building Management System (BMS) does not have all of the data points required for the full Building Analytics solution. Building Analytics Lite can also be used during new construction to commission a building more efficiently.
Whereas Building Analytics provides information on all building systems, Building Analytics Lite focuses on four areas of basic analytics which include sensor faults, controllability, scheduling and overrides. Building Analytics Lite can also assist facility managers and building owners with prioritization of actions in two categories – comfort and maintenance. The offer does not include energy or cost calculations.
Building Analytics Portfolio Offers     
Both Buildings Analytics and Building Analytics Lite provide remote monitoring services to ensure operational improvements are maintained over time. Schneider Electric’s remote service bureaus review faults, validate findings, and help customers manage “big data” to prioritize corrective actions that can boost operational and energy efficiencies.

“Since the debut of the Building Analytics offer in 2013, Schneider Electric has been able to identify and correct operational inefficiencies for customers, assisting organizations in saving up to 30 per cent of their annual energy spend,” said Alan Taaffe, Director, Buildings Business, Schneider Electric Canada. “The updates and new offers available as part of the Building Analytics portfolio will continue to drive opportunities for additional efficiencies and savings within organizations. This will assist our customers in achieving a measurable return on investment.”
Schneider Electric, a trusted advisor for its expertise in building energy management, is a leader in offering comprehensive managed services that provide value throughout a building’s life cycle, including design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and retrofit. The Building Analytics offers help new and existing Schneider Electric customers across industries – including healthcare, education, commercial offices, hotels, retail and life science – optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve comfort.
To learn more about the Building Analytics, Building Analytics Lite and associated solutions, please contact your Schneider Electric services representative.
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