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Assessing visibility workwear needs in facilities

Employment and Social Development Canada reported that workers in manufacturing, transport, storage and communications were among the top five industries with the highest injury rates in 2008. Although this statistic dates back a few years now, safety in these types of facilities continues to be a top concern. To help improve worker safety, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) professionals should consider whether they need an Enhanced Visibility workwear program.


November 21, 2014
By PEM Magazine

“While Enhanced Visibility workwear is not listed as a requirement under the CSA Standard, employers have a duty to keep their employees safe under OHS regulations,” said Scott Neill, merchandising manager, Cintas Canada. “Enhanced Visibility uniforms may be worn by workers in low-light and busy environments.”

Enhanced Visibility garments by Cintas have retroreflective and fluorescent stripes and bands laid in the same pattern as High Visibility apparel. This standardized pattern helps to make workers visible from all angles. The pattern also helps to identify whether the wearer is facing forward (vertical lines) or walking away (symmetrical “x”). Additionally, the Enhanced Visibility garments are made with the exclusive Cintas “Comfort Touch” fabric assuring workers are comfortable as well as safe while maintaining a professional image.

Employers may want to consider an Enhanced Visibility program if they have employees who:
1. Work in environments with complex backgrounds (such as a busy warehouse).
2. Work in low-light environments.
3. Work in a close proximity to moving equipment.
4. Require apparel or identifiers to help them stand out.

“Enhanced Visibility garments help employees stand out from their environments, remain visible in less than ideal lighting and stay safe on the job, all together reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries,” added Neill.


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