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2014 OACETT Salary Survey

A college education in engineering and applied science technology opens the door to an average salary of more than $75,000 annually, for a typical engineering technology professional in Ontario.

Furthermore, certification leads to a quantifiable and substantial increase in total annual compensation, according to the findings of a recent salary survey of its membership conducted by the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT). Results show OACETT certification can produce a significant annual increase over base salary for engineering technology professionals.

Based on responses gathered from more than 3,400 members across a variety of industries and disciplines, OACETT’s 2014 Salary Survey shows graduating with a technician or technologist diploma leads to a mean base salary of $75,436.

And certification correlates strongly with higher levels of compensation. Compared to associate members, certified technologists and technicians earn more on average in annual base salary. The average base salary for associate members who responded to the survey is $57,869, compared to $75,960 for Certified Technicians and $80,919 for Certified Engineering Technologists.

Job satisfaction for those who responded is high, with nine out of ten claiming to be satisfied or very satisfied with their job.

“These findings demonstrate that an investment in certification continues to pay dividends for our members,” said David Thomson, Chief Executive Officer of OACETT. “The salary increases they enjoy are a true representation of what certification means in the workplace and how it is valued by employers.”

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