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Schneider Electric and Awesense Inc. collaborate to reduce losses on electrical distribution networks

Schneider Electric and Awesense Inc. have signed an agreement to commercialize complementary offers to reduce network losses in electricity distribution grids. Under the terms of this agreement, Schneider Electric and Awesense Inc. will combine their expertise to design and propose integrated solutions which will enable utilities to reduce ongoing grid losses and recover lost revenue, helping them achieve more reliable and profitable distribution grids.


November 6, 2014
By PEM Magazine

Awesense Inc. develops products and software for increased grid efficiency by identifying losses, reducing risk of overloads, leveraging data from assets and reducing revenue recovery time from metering errors or electricity theft. As the world specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric develops, manufactures and sells electrical distribution, critical power supply and control equipment as well as network automation and grid management software, enabling its utility customers to operate reliable, secure and efficient networks.
This agreement will enable Schneider Electric to integrate and sell Awesense’s True Grid Intelligence (TGI) cloud software and line sensors, as well as associated engineering and technical services. This solution identifies losses on all grid topologies with overhead or underground conductors. Awesense Inc. will benefit from Schneider Electric’s commercial footprint with utility partners across the globe and specialized teams who are actively engaged in improving network efficiency.

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