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Dakota Instruments: Oakton and Digi-Sense distributor

Selected for its technical knowledge, competitive prices, and commitment to customer service, Dakota Instruments, a global supplier of industrial and laboratory processing instrumentation since 1992, is pleased to announce its status as an authorized Oakton and Digi-Sense distributor.


October 30, 2014
By PEM Magazine

Digi-Sense’s hand-held meters and Oakton’s Testers have been added to Dakota(r)’s acrylic, rotameter, mass flow meter and controller, pump, valve, and thermocouple thermometer product lines. The goal is to provide customers with product solutions to meet their application needs.

Digi-Sense’s ergonomic, hand-held meters for measuring air velocity or airflow and temperature provide a wide range of residential and workplace air, environmental safety, comfort, and productivity-related functions. Anemometers, Light Meters, Pressure and Flow Meters, Thermohygrometers, and Infrared Thermometers are available. Applications include HVAC, laboratory, R&D, food processing, educational, and industrial.

Oakton’s pocket-sized pH Testrs are designed for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of liquids (models available for solids or semi-solids). Multi-parameter models offer up to 5 point pH calibration with NIST or USA auto-buffer recognition. Units are recommended for water, laboratory, field, food production, or plant use. Models are available for solutions containing contaminants, heavy sulfides, tris buffers, organics and dirty water.

Dakota’s engineers and application specialists provide cost-effective solutions to fit your business needs, help streamline processes, and improve efficiency.


Visit Dakota Instruments’ online catalog to view the Models, Specifications, and Materials of Construction of Dakota® Instruments’  product lines.

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