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Eaton’s online visual training program for circuit breaker maintenance and testing

Power management company Eaton is helping utility and industrial customers optimize equipment performance and reduce downtime with an interactive digital educational tool designed to simplify circuit breaker maintenance. Created by Eaton equipment life extension and modernization experts, the Visual Instruction Book Essentials supplements traditional instruction manual information by providing visual, step-by-step training for circuit breaker maintenance and testing processes.

“Circuit protection devices are one of the basic building blocks of power distribution systems, and a proactive approach to maintenance can help facilities meet expectations for power availability, personnel safety and equipment protection,” said Larry Yonce, product line manager at Eaton. “Eaton designed this program to help customers directly address workforce knowledge gaps and optimize critical equipment performance.”

Many utility and industrial facilities rely on circuit breakers that are well beyond their expected service life. Some circuit breaker designs require maintenance over time and if genuine replacement parts are not available, improper circuit breaker function can cause equipment failure and downtime. This program is designed to facilitate education of proper circuit breaker maintenance and operation in an easy-to-understand, interactive video training format.

The training manuals are available for circuit breakers found in common switchgear and generator assemblies. The Portable Document Format (PDF) manuals contain videos with step-by-step instructions and user interactive graphics designed to supplement circuit breaker instruction guides. These documents also contain three-dimensional models of product specific power replacement circuit breakers for detailed material information.

The educational tool is part of Eaton’s equipment life extension and modernization services, which support virtually every testing, maintenance and repair program. Eaton provides a range of solutions to help customers extend the useful life and enhance the performance of their aging power systems with a highly scalable and geographically diverse staff and services. These solutions include reconditioning, equipment replacement and additions to existing systems that improve reliability and safety.

Eaton has one of the largest and most experienced teams of power system engineers in the industry. Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services and Systems team offers a comprehensive portfolio of services tailored for every stage of a power system’s life cycle, whether design, build or support. To learn more,

Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges.

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