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Improve safety system performance with safety monitoring software – white paper

ACM Facility Safety published a white paper, “Using Smart Field Devices to Improve Safety System Performance,” which shows how safety monitoring software and smart field devices can improve safety system performance and operation.


September 18, 2014
By PEM Magazine

Many process plants have smart sensors, instruments and valves installed as part of their safety systems, and these smart field devices can provide a host of useful information to the safety system.
But without a plan supported by the right analytical tools, the flood of data from smart field devices can quickly overwhelm users. Safety monitoring software helps make sense of the information from smart field devices by turning their raw data into actionable information.
The safety monitoring software supplies information to operators in easy-to-understand formats. It turns raw data into graphs, charts, and diagrams that show overall safety system performance at a glance, while also allowing operators to drill down to reveal details.
This white paper describes how to use safety monitoring software to distill the data from smart field devices and other sources into easily understood and actionable information that can improve the operation of the safety system.
Download the white paper.