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Allegro industries offers mould, lead and asbestos sampling pumps

August 22, 2014 - Working in atmospheres that are likely to contain dangerous particulates require reliable, constant air monitoring. Meeting OSHA and AHERA standards, Allegro Industries offers a complete line of Sampling Pumps. This broad selection delivers dependable area monitoring of mould, lead, asbestos and other dangerous particulates.


August 22, 2014
By PEM Magazine

The Diaphragm Sampling Pump is cost effective, maintenance free, and will operate efficiently with mold, PCM, and TEM cassettes. Lightweight at 10 lbs, the pump comes complete with adjustable regulator an aluminum tripod, clear vinyl tubing and a power cord with switch.

The Jarless Sampling Pump offers a sampling range of 0-30 LPM and is excellent for use for sampling asbestos (25mm  cassettes), lead (37mm cassettes) and mould. Meets OSHA and AHERA standards.

The D-2 Moldlite Sampler is a high efficiency-linear oscillating pump with a sampling range of 3-33 LPM.
It is excellent with all types of mould cassettes and impactors. It is low maintenance, no lubrication is required and it is very quiet.

The one-of-a-kind duel M2 Multi-Mold Cassette is disposable, efficient and designed to read IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in the home, at commercial sites, and on inspections and restorations, in addition to remediation operations. Each cassette is capable of three separate functions: collecting two different samples, collecting two identical samples concurrently, or collecting one sample while using the other cell as a control. Allegro also offers three cassettes: Lead, TEM, and PCM.


The Flow Meter is separate from the pump to allow the user to set the flow for more than one pump with the same meter.

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