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Bigfoot CMMS from Smartware Group Inc.

July 24, 2014 – Early adopters of Smartware Group, Inc.’s major upgrade of Bigfoot Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) commended the company on its newly-designed user interface, which further simplifies the way maintenance professionals manage asset and equipment maintenance for their organizations, while building on existing functionality.


July 24, 2014
By PEM Magazine

Bigfoot CMMS is available in two editions, Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise and Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise+ for environments with more complex requirements.

Packaging machine manufacturer MULTIVAC is using Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise to manage preventive maintenance (PMs) for 94 machines, all located at client sites. Each machine averages three PMs a year and up to 100 tasks per PM.

“The new interface for Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise makes it simple to use with even greater functionality than the original version,” said Jeff Wood, MULTIVAC’s preventive maintenance manager. “Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise follows our workflow, which allows us to easily divide up and sort PMs and work orders based on the four regions in the U.S. that make up our client base. We can also easily enter part numbers and prices on work orders, run tallies and generate reports.


The streamlined user interface matches how users view, scan and interact with computer screens of any size, including smartphones, tablets and iPads. The fluid, vertical-scrolling design of the Bigfoot CMMS user interface allows users to access all functions by scrolling down a single page, thereby eliminating the need to jump from tab-to-tab to access essential data. This design, undertaken as part of the software developer’s quest to produce intuitive, “Quick to Learn” maintenance solutions for “Quick Results,” will further increase a user’s efficiency as she spends less time in training and navigating the software, and more time fulfilling work orders, making emergency repairs, and otherwise getting machinery back online.
Less Keystrokes, More Power
Bigfoot Enterprise and Enterprise+ model a maintenance department’s work flow in a simplified manner, thus reducing the number of keystrokes and clicks needed for myriad functions, such as entering equipment data, creating work orders, generating a PM  calendar, or managing spare parts inventory. For instance, with one click, users can access a PM calendar showing the entire estimated workload for the day, including PM tasks, non-PMs (unscheduled events and repairs) and work orders. And it takes only three clicks to fill out a work order, mark its priority, issue a cause code and save it.
Underneath the new Bigfoot design lies a host of cutting-edge features. Location-based work orders give users the ability to manage them by both an asset and location. Users can also tap into a new parts inventory to show one part at multiple sites and the quantity of each on hand at each location. Document management has been enhanced so users can set up an asset maintenance media library and create files for spreadsheets, illustrations, videos and other applications. And with improved multi-site management, users are able to shut down a specific site for a set period of time.
Bigfoot CMMS Enterprise and Enterprise+ also enable users to enter asset data with the same nomenclature their organization uses to refer to specialized equipment, as opposed to limited generic terms dictated by a typical CMMS. Users can preset data views to check on corrective and preventive maintenance alerts, and toggle back and forth between these views – without having to customize the program. Other new configuration capabilities include the user creation of drop-down lists of specific fields for work orders, rather than relying on standard, non-configurable forms across the enterprise.
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