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Sector plans focus on workplace hazards, Ontario Ministry of Labour

July 21, 2014 - The Ontario Ministry of Labour has released new sector plans for the upcoming year. These sector-oriented plans focus on hazards specific to workplaces in various sectors of the economy.


July 21, 2014
By PEM Magazine

They describe the industrial, health care, construction and mining sectors, as well as the ministry’s specialized and professional services office, and outline what inspectors will be looking for during an inspection. They also detail program priorities, enforcement initiatives, blitz activities and regional initiatives planned for the year.

Annually, the ministry reviews and analyzes injury and illness data, consults with stakeholders and internal staff and works with ministry partners such as the Health and Safety Associations and other partners to identify the enforcement focus for the upcoming year. This year, the ministry has enhanced its plans by including region-specific initiatives. These initiatives may run up to two years and focus on sectors or hazards that are specific to a geographical area in Ontario.

Review the relevant sector plans with your Joint Health and Safety Committee or health and safety representative to understand some of the common compliance issues that are identified in workplaces like yours.

Download the Industrial Sector Plan 2014-2015