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SKF adds machinery protection function to condition monitoring system

July 11, 2014 - SKF has launched the SKF @ptitude Analyst 2013 version 8.1 software upgrade, which further enhances the capability of this analysis and reporting software, as well as an upgrade to the online protection system - Multilog IMx-M. When used in combination to monitor plant semi critical and critical rotating assets these two products offer both machinery protection and improved maintenance efficiency.


July 11, 2014
By PEM Magazine

“This product expands the machinery protection capabilities of SKF @ptitude Analyst while improving usability for existing customers,” Robert Kaufman, Software Product Manager, SKF. “In conjunction with SKF @ptitude Analyst software, SKF Multilog IMx-M provides a complete integrated system for fault detection, failure prevention and advanced condition-based maintenance to improve machine reliability, availability and performance, says Sjur Holm, Strategic Product Line Manager On-line systems.”

SKF @ptitude Analyst is a surveillance condition monitoring application under SKF @ptitude Suite; SKF’s software suite for plant- wide Condition Based Maintenance. It offers a comprehensive solution with powerful diagnostic and analytical capabilities that enables users to manage asset condition data from offline portable and on-line permanently installed devices with a single software program. The software is easy to use and offers interconnectivity with multiple enterprise-wide software programs and systems, enabling the information gathered to be accessed throughout the organization.

The SKF Multilog IMx-M primary function is to protect critical and semi-critical rotating plant assets from catastrophic failure and thereby reduce the risks of injury to people, equipment damage and accidental release of hazardous substances to the environment. This is achieved by monitoring key parameters like vibration, rotating to stationary parts clearances and temperatures, then proceed to alarm and / or initiate machinery shutdown when predefined threshold levels are reached. 

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