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PumpDrive and SuPremE Series: Advanced technology from KSB targets energy savings

May 2, 2014 - KSB Pumps has introduced two innovative new product families aimed at helping pump owners reduce their energy bills. The first set of products is the PumpDrive series of variable frequency drives for mid-sized pumps.


May 2, 2014
By PEM Magazine

These units enable pump operators to adjust the operating speed of their pumps so that output characteristics (head, flow rate) precisely match system requirements. Reducing operating speed reduces energy requirements so that pumps will run efficiently while delivering reduced flows. Energy savings of up to 60% can be achieved when compared to adjusting pump outputs by bypass circuits or flow restriction. PumpDrive speed controls are compact, modular units that are easy to integrate into any plant environment. Smaller members of the family (up to 55 kW) can be mounted directly on pump motors, while larger units (up to 110 kW) can be wall or panel mounted. PumpDrive units would normally be combined with flow, pressure or temperature sensors as part of a control system that automatically fine-tunes pump output according to overall system requirements.

The second group of innovative products are the SuPremE series of high-efficiency synchronous reluctance motors. This new design features a carefully optimized rotor design that provides up to 30% higher energy efficiency than conventional electric motors, especially when the motors run at partial loads. “Many small and mid-sized pumps spend a lot of their lives operating at output levels far below their full design potential,” comments Dirk Ruppert, KSB Pumps’ National Business Development Manager. “PumpDrive speed controllers and SuPremE motors can significantly improve energy efficiency for pumps operated under partial load conditions, especially when they are used together.”

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