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Saflex 2001 simplifies tube bundle cleaning

APRIL 24, 2014 - The new Saflex 2001 tube bundle cleaning system from NLB Corp. is a lightweight, portable accessory that is more productive than manual water jetting and has options to enhance operator safety.


April 25, 2014
By PEM Magazine

The Saflex 2001 lets an operator clean two tubes at the same time without exposure to the water jets, which blast out hard deposits at up to 20,000 psi (1,400 bar).  After the simple set-up, the operator positions the two flex lances at the tube openings — manually, or with hands-free options — and watches them go to work.

The hands-free options are an X-Y positioner that indexes the lances in and out of the tubes and wireless remote controls to let the operator stand well clear.  NLB can also provide an optional hose reel, Saflex-HR, that reduces the potential for tripping by managing the hoses that feed high-pressure water to the flex lances.

The Saflex 2001 is the latest tube bundle cleaning system from NLB, joining the semi-automated Saflex 3000, which cleans three tubes at once, and the fully-automated ATL-5000, which cleans five tubes at once.

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