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SENA Waste Services wins contract to maintain materials recovery facility for City of Edmonton

Waste Services, a subsidiary of Suez Environnement North America, announced today that the City of Edmonton has awarded it a five-year contract worth up to $45 million to operate and maintain the 64,000-square-foot Materials Recovery Facility at the mammoth Edmonton Waste Management Centre.


April 10, 2014
By PEM Magazine

“The community prides itself on doing the right thing for the environment and all recycling programs are voluntary.”

The new contract covers one of the earliest single-stream recycling plants in North America, which is capable of processing 55,000 tons per year for recycling mixed materials. The contract comes on the heels of a separate five-year agreement awarded to SENA Waste Services to operate the Edmonton Composting Facility and to provide important operations and maintenance support services for the Integrated Process and Transfer Facility and the Construction & Demolition Facility. Operating in tandem, the Composting and Materials Recovery facilities enable Edmonton to divert up to 60 percent of residential waste from the landfill.

“We realize that the Edmonton Waste Management Centre is an important example of the progressive approach that Edmonton and Canada take towards environmental protection and our selection is a responsibility that we take very seriously,” said Bertrand Camus, CEO of Suez Environnement North America. “This is another huge vote of confidence in our capabilities that SENA Waste Services has displayed working with the City of Edmonton.”

The Edmonton Waste Management Centre is a unique collection of advanced waste processing and research facilities that is an integral part of Edmonton’s approach to waste management. Philippe Allouche, General Manager for SENA Waste Services, said that comingled recyclable materials are sorted by workers and machines in the Materials Recovery Facility (or MRF, pronounced “Murf”) that is part of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. The MRF went into service in 1998.


While metals like aluminum are the most valuable resource to recycle, paper is also a major seller. One of the facility’s major customers uses recycled paper to make blown cellulose insulation, a prime example of local economic development, and another customer makes paper from 100% recycled material.

“What is impressive about Edmonton’s reputation as being a leader in waste management is that their recycling and composting programs are successful because of their strong public awareness campaigns,” said Nadine Leslie, President of SENA Waste Services. “The community prides itself on doing the right thing for the environment and all recycling programs are voluntary.”

Leo Girard, Manager, Waste Management Services for the City looks forward to this new role for SENA Waste Services. “We’re excited to have SENA Waste Services expand their scope of operations to include our Materials Recovery Facility, which will continue to be a key contributor to Edmonton’s long-term success in waste management. Having SENA Waste Services operate and maintain multiple facilities within the Centre enables us to get the greatest impact and value for our integrated waste system.”