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2014 PEM Webinar Series – Asset Management & Reliability

Introducing PEM's webinar series. The series, themed "Asset Management & Reliability," highlights the practical implementation of maintenance solutions. Best-selling author and PEM columnist, James Reyes Picknell, leads the discussion.


April 8, 2014
By PEM Magazine

Part 1 April 30, 2014 2:00 pm EST [Register Now]
Risk in the Asset Management Context – an introduction to risk and its management
Risks come in a variety of forms and sizes and many cannot be eliminated. Physical assets used in production or the delivery of a service or product can all fail to do their jobs. Failures can result in safety, environmental, quality loss and public image hazards. Management strategies for risks also come in a variety of forms and levels of effectiveness. This webinar puts risk in a broader “asset management” context as outlined in the new international standards for Asset Management. It will explain what risk is, what to consider, when to consider them, what risk management actions can be considered and how well they will protect you and your company.

Part 2 May 22, 2014 2:00 pm EST [Register Now]
Improvement initiatives and change management – the need for top to bottom buy-in
Maintenance and asset management disciplines are dominated by highly trained and often very experienced engineering and technical people. There is a saying that to engineers, change is an event but for everyone else, it is a process. Many changes to physical assets will impact how people work. Once the engineering project is over, operations and maintenance must live with it. Management must manage processes in a new way and different results can be measured, monitored and expected. Changes must be managed from top to bottom in any organization. Without good change management and good management of change (we’ll explore the differences) any new initiative, hardware, software, process, procedure, etc., will be at risk. We will explore considerations for any program of change in the technical and non-technical realms and arm participants with ideas on what to watch for and to ensure success with any new change.

Part 3 June 26, 2014 2:00 pm EST [Register Now]
Information management and its impact on the whole life management of physical assets
Without accurate information that is available and easily accessible repairs will take longer and the risks of making a mistake go up substantially. Information must be managed so that the same and current information is available to all who must use it. It must be meaningful to the user and easy to find so that it can be used. Information management entails processes, including governance over changes, hard and soft copy documentation, record keeping, data storage and information technology. It is a complex challenge for companies and it is often handled badly. This webinar will outline some of the challenges, their potential impacts (risks) and what to do (or at least consider doing) about them.