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New shaft grounding ring handbook details best practices for motor repairs


October 10, 2013
By PEM Magazine

October 10, 2013 – The AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring Motor Repair Handbook describes best practices for protecting motor bearings from electrical damage. This new 36-page, colour handbook is available from Electro Static Technology, manufacturer of AEGIS shaft grounding rings. The book explains how to diagnose electrical bearing damage caused by variable frequency drives (VFDs), also known as inverters. The text includes best practices for preventing such damage to motors of various sizes and horsepower ratings.


The Handbook Contains:
    – Introduction-New Motor Repair Standards for Inverters
    – About VFD Induced Shaft Voltages & Bearing Currents
    – Bearing Frosting & Fluting
    – Cutting and Inspecting a Bearing
    – Shaft Grounding Best Practices
    – AEGIS Shaft Grounding Technology

Ideal for plant maintenance personnel as well as motor repair shops, the handbook is available in PDF format for downloading free of charge at