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Fluke offers series of predictive maintenance PdM application notes


August 6, 2013
By PEM Magazine

August 6, 2013 – Fluke has developed a series of predictive maintenance application notes that focus on helping maintenance professionals implement proactive techniques that promise to save them time and money. Each application note is presented as a free downloadable PDF, and Fluke says to check back regularly as the PdM library continues to grow. Current notes include:

PdM Part 1: Predictive maintenance overview – This overview explains the different kinds of methods, terms, standards and cost equations, and provides basic process steps and an equipment list.

PdM Part 2: Applying hand-held test tools to predictive maintenance – Basic strategy, cost analysis, tool advice, key indicators and measurement guidelines for using DMMs (digital multimeters), clamp meters, insulation resistance testers and infrared thermometers.

PdM Part 3: Applying infrared thermography to predictive maintenance – Guidelines for integrating thermography into a cost-effective PdM program; includes cost analysis and measurement guidelines.


PdM Part 4: Six simple ways to reduce costs with a Fluke 434 power quality analyzer – Straightforward descriptions, cost calculations and How-Tos for six power quality measurements: voltage imbalance, THD, phase current, voltage sags, peak demand and power factor.

PdM Part 5: Insulation resistance testing on lighting circuit wiring – This case study describes the methodology used by Minneapolis Airport technicians to check leakage to ground along their lighting wiring paths. Step-by-step instructions and preventive maintenance scheduling examples included.