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Park the lift truck and reach for a Ruger hydraulic floor crane


July 31, 2013
By PEM Magazine

July 31, 2013 – Ruger Industries offers a series of full-power hydraulic floor crane products, capable of lifting and transporting up to 6000 lb using electrically actuated traction and hydraulics. Full-power floor cranes are easy to maneuver, says Ruger, and can navigate door openings and narrow aisles; suspended loads are held in place without motor or mechanical brake. Ruger manufactures adjustable leg-, reverse- and straddle-style powered portable cranes. Specialized end effectors and customization are available to suit specific application requirements. Ruger products feature structural tubing of 1/4-in. to 1/2-in. wall thickness, large lubricated casters and totally welded fabrication.