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J D Neuhaus shipyard handling solutions: Profi Ti and Mini


July 10, 2013
By PEM Magazine

July 10, 2013 – J D Neuhaus air-powered handling equipment is used within heavy-industry applications such as shipbuilding. JDN equipment offers a range of operations that can be undertaken in outdoor damp, dirty or hazardous locations, as well as indoor operation in dusty or potentially explosive atmospheres. The Profi Ti represents the major range of hoists in the JDN range, covering a total of 19 products with load capacities from 250kg up to 100t. All hoists incorporate a top suspension hook mounting so that multiple hoists can be utilized for single load handling. These products can also be used for horizontal pulling. For lighter-duty lift operations, the Mini series hoists boast load capacities of 125kg, 250kg, 500kg and 980kg.