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Igus boasts sturdier, quieter E2 micro cable carriers


June 27, 2013
By PEM Magazine

June 27, 2013 – Igus has given its micro cable carriers a facelift—offering a new double-stop dog system and other design features, the company claims its latest E2 micro chain are sturdier and quieter than its predecessors. The E2 micro range is made up of small one or two-part cable carriers, designed especially for applications such as on automatic doors, handling equipment or pick-and-place robots. The double-stop dog system in model E2-15 can withstand loads of up to 100% more than any of the other chains in the range, says igus. A self-supporting travel of up to 4 ft. is also now possible. E2 micro cable carriers can be mounted to a machine in any direction, allowing the unobtrusive cable carrier to be used in horizontal, vertical, circular or even side-mounted applications.