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Trico Spectrum oil containers contain three handles with contoured finger grips


June 5, 2013
By PEM Magazine

June 5, 2013 – Trico Corp. recently launched Spectrum Oil Containers: a new product that promises an error-free solution for identifying, storing, transporting and dispensing lubricants in a variety of applications. The products are built with high-density polyethylene, boast a wide opening for no-spill filling and are available in 2-gal, 3-gal and 4-gal sizes. The containers are semi-transparent with moulded volume markings (in gallons and litres) to provide visual monitoring of fluid levels. They contain three handles with contoured finger grips to provide a comfortable hold. In addition, the contoured containers fit your forearm to help distribute the weight of the container when pouring. Spectrum containers have 10 colour-coded lids and writable labels to identify lubricant type.