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Knipex offers heavy-duty retaining ring pliers


May 25, 2013
By PEM Magazine

May 25, 2013 – Retaining ring pliers from Knipex Tools LP are available in several variations for use on a range of retaining ring sizes and styles. These product lines are designed for continuous, heavy-duty operation; the large contact surface around the tips helps hold the retaining rings in place, says Knipex, virtually eliminating ring twisting and flyoffs. The precision line lasts up to 10x longer than turned-tip or stamped-tip designs, boasts Knipex, and they are available in internal and external styles, straight or 90º angles, in popular sizes. Knipex also offers fully forged retaining ring pliers that are forged of chrome vanadium steel and oil-hardened for long service life. There are also two other specialty retaining ring pliers series: one for large retaining rings and one for horseshoe-shaped spring retaining rings and circlips without grip holes.