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Carlo Gavazzi unveils DMPU Series motor protection system


May 16, 2013
By PEM Magazine

May 16, 2013 – Carlo Gavazzi’s DMPU Series motor protection system is a modular electronic motor protection relay for controlling, monitoring and protecting the performance of 3-phase constant or dual-speed AC induction motors. The DMPU device measures electrical motor variables (e.g. voltage, current, harmonic distortion), monitoring overloads through the thermal model, controlling them and measuring other variables, such as motor and bearing temperature. Finally it includes a data logger function for storing trends of the electrical variables, alarms and fast data logging for storing start-up profiles. Through the communication features, it is possible to transmit all monitored variables to a supervisory control system for data collection and process control. Profibus and Modbus TCP/IP protocols are available to insert the DMPU Series into a majority of applications.