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3M “Makes Masking Simple” with its industrial masking tapes


May 7, 2013
By PEM Magazine

May 7, 2013 – 3M says it is “Making Masking Simple” by launching a new lineup of five industrial masking tapes (101+, 201+, 301+, 401+ and 501+) built on increasing levels of performance, and engineered to perform in many industrial settings. (WATCH video below) The new line includes 3M: Value Masking Tape 101+ for basic jobs; General Use Masking Tape 201+; Performance Yellow Masking Tape 301+ for industrial paint masking, bundling, colour coding and sealing; High-Performance Green Masking Tape 401+/233+ for high-performance industrial painting; and Specialty High Temperature Masking Tape 501+ for the highest degree of industrial performance in high-temperature paint-baking applications.