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Walter Surface Technologies enhances Enduro-Flex flap discs


April 19, 2013
By PEM Magazine

April 19, 2013 – Walter Surface Technologies unveiled enhancements to its line of flap discs branded Enduro-Flex and Enduro-Flex Turbo for metal finishing applications (WATCH video below). Rather than a plastic backing, Enduro-Flex now features an Eco-Trim backing made from a base of natural and sustainable plant fibers. In 2013, Walter will manufacture millions of Enduro-Flex flap discs with the new backing, and a percentage of sales will go to funding the planting of new trees. Walter says Enduro-Flex Turbo now boasts 60% more material removal than before, and is designed for weld removal, edge breaking and blending applications. Its built-in Cyclone Technology along with a new flap configuration enables operators to perform with a cutting rate of a grit 36 with the finish of a grit 60. The Turbo also provides Turbofan cooling (patent pending), meaning the piece being worked on stays cooler by at least 10%.