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New material increases bearing, bushing, machine wear


March 27, 2013
By PEM Magazine

WS Hampshire Inc. has introduced Ryertex S/T, a high-performance phenolic material for bearings, bushings and other wear parts for a range of the most demanding industrial applications, including but not limited to steel and aluminum manufacturing, paper manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, rail, off-road/construction and agricultural equipment.

In these demanding applications—and even in the harshest environments—Ryertex S/T can increase part performance life 5 to 7 times, reducing costly downtime needed for replacing worn parts. It can not only replace other traditional phenolics, but also metallics such as brass and bronze, and it takes proven phenolic performance to a much higher level. Drawing on its experience with non-metallic materials, WS Hampshire developed this new super-tough material specifically for use in demanding applications.