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DELO adds new adhesives for bonding in electric motors


March 27, 2013
By PEM Magazine

DELO Industrial Adhesives has expanded its lineup for bonding magnets and other components in electric motors with two new anaerobic/light-curing adhesives: DELO-ML DB136 is a fluorescent adhesive for easy application control while DELO-ML DB180 is a dual-curing fluorescent adhesive with a high viscosity, ideal for applying on vertical surfaces. Both remain significantly more flexible than conventional products at permanently elevated temperatures. These solvent-free adhesives cure by exclusion of oxygen under the influence of metal ions and by exposure to visible or ultraviolet light.

They join a lineup of DELO-ML adhesives targeting specific electric motor assembly jobs, such as securing of coil wiring and soldered areas at the commutator, or bonding commutators to shafts. DELO-ML metal-bonding adhesives are part of a diverse product lineup for structural bonding that includes the DELOMONOPOX series heat-curing epoxy resins for high resistance bonding, DELO-DUOPOX, a room-temperature-curing epoxy resin for very large or temperature-sensitive components and DELO-PUR, a room-temperature-curing polyurethane adhesive for bonding metal and plastic requiring excellent peel resistance and tension equalization. DELO adhesives are being used in all types of electric motors in the commonplace, as well as out of this world applications, such as rollercoaster linear motors and earth-orbiting satellites including the International Space Station.