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HELUKABEL unveils one-cable technology for servo motors


March 25, 2013
By PEM Magazine

HELUKABEL has announced it has expanded its motor cable product portfolio with the introduction of the new TOPSERV Hybrid PVC and TOPSERV Hybrid PUR cables. These cables now allow machine end-users, OEM machine builders and drive system manufacturers to combine the existing power and feedback cables into a single cable in order to connect the frequency inverter to the motor’s feedback system.

This latest product offering is designed to combine the existing structure of power conductors and break pairs with an encoder cable element. Working alongside encoder industry and drive manufacturing engineers, HELUKABEL’s cable development team created a revolutionary cable design that replaces one of the traditional brake pairs with an encoder cable. The encoder element serves as the central communication interface between the frequency inverter and the motor-feedback system. The use of an encoder cable allows for enhanced transmission of motor position data and feedback, such as operating temperature.

“By adding the encoder cable element to the existing servo power cable structure, the single cable becomes slightly thicker. However, the new cable’s mechanical and electrical properties remain the same, which prevents the disruption of data or power transmission caused by any electromagnetic interference or ‘cross talk’,” says Thomas Pikkemaat, key account manager of drive technology. “Given that this encoder technology is still relatively new, the TOPSERV Hybrid PVC and TOPSERV Hybrid PUR cables will be produced to meet each customer’s specific set of operating criteria, such as the drive manufacturer chosen, fixed or flexing application, country-specific approvals, etc.”

Combining both the power and data transmission elements into one cable allows HELUKABEL® to minimize the amount of cabling used, which reduces installation/maintenance time and lowers the overall costs for machine end-users, OEM machine builders, and drive system manufacturers.