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Carlo Gavazzi’s improved capacitive sensors


February 25, 2013
By PEM Magazine

Carlo Gavazzi has announce its new and improved CA12CLC Series capacitive sensors with Tripleshield technology. The new design features a state of the art microprocessor which improves the overall accuracy and performance of the sensor. 

The new CA12CLC Series also has several other improvements, including a simplified ‘teach-in’ programming process with a dynamic teach option, increased temperature stability and a standardized LED configuration. The new series also features all of the features that made the older series popular: extended sensing ranges, PNP/NPN auto-detect, high EMC protection, NO/NC selectable, and patented CARLO GAVAZZI Tripleshield technology, which provides one of the most reliable capacitive sensing technologies regardless of conditions.

The M12 barrel makes the sensor compact enough to fit in a variety of applications, while still being robust enough to survive most environments. The CA12CLC Series is well suited for applications in the plastic, rubber, glass, and ceramic industries, as well as in material handling and packaging applications.