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Raleigh to cease bicycle manufacturing at Quebec plant by the end of 2013


January 21, 2013
By PEM Magazine

Raleigh Canada Ltd. plans to halt bicycle manufacturing and assembly operations at the company’s plant in Waterloo, Que., by the end of the year.

Raleigh says the Waterloo facility will remain open as a warehouse, distribution and service centre after manufacturing ceases.

However, about 100 production employees will lose their jobs as the company switches to offshore suppliers.

Raleigh Canada’s Waterloo facility has manufactured and assembled bicycles on a seasonal basis for over 30 years.


But production has steadily declined over the last five years in the face of stiff global competition.

The company says the manufacturing and production workers will remain on the job until the end of the normal seasonal production cycle in June, but will not be recalled from seasonal layoff in January 2014.

“In the context of our global competitive market where offshore suppliers offer fierce competition, Raleigh has taken the difficult decision to cease bicycle manufacturing and assembly in Canada as this activity is no longer economically viable,” Raleigh Canada president Chris Enoksen said in making the announcement.

“Raleigh is proud to have maintained bicycle manufacturing and assembly operations in Canada longer than other major competitors, who left this field years ago,” Enoksen added.