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Brady extends safety padlock product line


January 14, 2013
By PEM Magazine

Brady has expanded its comprehensive line of safety padlocks with more than 100 additional parts. The new product offering includes three-inch shackle aluminum and key-retaining steel padlocks, nylon shackle safety padlocks and additional color offerings for aluminum and safety padlocks. The latest products round out Brady’s comprehensive padlock solutions and provide safety managers expanded options for lockout compliance.
In the past, Brady’s padlocks with three-inch shackle were only available as a custom option. The extended product line includes a new key-retaining steel padlock with three-inch shackle and aluminum padlock with 3” shackle. Both padlocks are designed for chemical processing and oil and gas industries and are available in eight stock colors.
The expanded product line also includes a safety padlock with a non-conductive nylon shackle. This lock offers a patented keyway which breaks any current from traveling from the padlock shackle to the cylinder. Other line additions include a silver aluminum padlock offering, additional KA aluminum padlock sets and two additional stock colors for safety padlock KA sets.
The new products offer a variety of benefits to fit the application needs in the general manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical processing, healthcare and oil, and gas refining industries.