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CAW says shop floor leadership unanimously backing tentative Chrysler deal


October 1, 2012
By PEM Magazine

The Canadian Auto Workers says the shop floor leadership at Chrysler’s Ontario factories have unanimously endorsed a tentative four-year collective agreement reached this week.

Workers are set to vote on the deal, which includes lump sum payments as well as job security provisions, on Saturday and Sunday.

The agreement follows the pattern agreement negotiated by the CAW at Ford and General Motors.

Workers at Ford approved their deal by a margin of 82 per cent, while General Motors workers voted 73 per cent in favour.


The contracts reached with the Detroit Three allow the automakers to pay new employees less at the beginning of their careers and extends the time it takes them to reach the top of the pay scale.

New employees will also receive hybrid pension plans instead of the pure defined benefit plans the current employees are covered by.

Chrysler has factories in Windsor, Brampton and Toronto.