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Fluke laser distance meters measure up to 100 metres

Fluke Corp. has introduced the Fluke 414D, 419D and 424D laser distance meters, which deliver accurate, point-and-click measurements up to 100 meters (330 feet). The laser distance meters are ideal for a broad range of building/construction, industrial, maintenance, and professional services applications.
New features available in these distance meters:
• Integrated compass: provides a “heading” for distance measurement.
• Inclination sensor: assists with height tracking, leveling and indirect horizontal distance measurement when line of sight is blocked.
• Automatic endpiece correction: when measuring from an edge or corner, a built-in sensor detects the position of the bracket and automatically changes the reference point.
The rugged dust- and splash-proof distance meters allow for easy measurement of hard to access areas, like high ceilings, without climbing a ladder. The three models provide the right features and price points for a wide variety of applications:
〈         Fluke 414D
o   Measures up to 50m (165 feet) with one button and an accuracy of +/- 2mm (0.079 in).
o   Easy, automatic math for area and volume; add and subtract with ease.

〈         Fluke 419D
o   Measures up to 80m (263 feet) with even greater accuracy of +/- 1mm.
o   3-line display plus storage for 20 complete displays.
o   Tripod mountable.

〈         Fluke 424D
o   Measures up to 100m (330 feet).
o   Feature-rich meter includes tilt sensor for hard-to-reach measurements, corner angle feature, compass, and more.

The Fluke Distance Meters are available now at Canadian suggested list prices of $149 for model 414D, $299 for model 419D and $449 for model 424D.